David Colin Carr, Editor and Writing Coach


L. James Johnson
Author of HELP! I Gotta Sell My Car NOW! New Rules for Selling Your Vehicle Online http://bayareacarguy.com/

David’s initial edit of the first chapter of HELP! NOW! shifted the tempo of my writing style, making it quicker, more upbeat and energetic. In time, my own writing began to flow in that voice: simple and to the point. Without his perceptive and precise editing, I would not have transformed into a writer, and my attractive and accessible book would not exist. David remained undaunted and enthusiastic right to the end, no matter how long my internal process interfered . He was a trooper, a coach, a very human and humorous companion, with as much allegiance to my book as to me.


Robin Mitchell, PhD
Doctoral dissertation:  Les Ondes Noires de Saint Domingue:  The impact of black women on gender and racial boundaries in 18th and 19th century France

David comments: This project required my knowledge of both contemporary and pre-Academy French and willingness to give up a lot of sleep to meet the deadline. Robin’s extensive archival research and interpretation were impressive – but she needed an editor who could piece the content into logical order and crispen the writing as well as keep her from falling apart under deadline pressure. Her Dissertation Committee encouraged her to turn it into a commercial book, one likely to be used in Women’s and Gender Studies classes. Meanwhile an academic version is in contracted with University of Georgia Press – and we’re delighted to be working together again.

Robin’s compliment: You make me so much smarter than I am!! As for the exclamation points, you can use as many as you want. One doesn’t do it justice. You are a gift from the ancestors.


Stephan Martin, PhD
Asst. Professor of Astronomy, author of Cosmic Conversations: Dialogues on the Nature of the Universe and the Search for Reality.    www.cosmicconversations.org

David has a gift for quickly grasping the essence of a piece, then skillfully coaching the writer to express it fully. His clear and direct approach to editing brought out nuances and veins of gold in my writing that would have otherwise lain dormant and unexpressed.  David’s compassionate and genuine approach has helped my writing reach its highest potential so far.


Rev. Ron Williams, PhD
Pastor of Mt. Zion Fellowship, Cleveland area, with congregation of 3000.

Ron has worked with me on a dramatic and passionate coming of age memoir.

Melody Sullivan
Writer, director of public relations, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, author of Caterpillar Dreams

I’ve worked with fine content editors, copy editors and various coaches. It is an exquisite joy to have all these skills together. Whatever was needed to move my projects forward, David could help.


Glenn Hartelius, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, Ca

David is able to feel into others, and into their words, and into the present moment.


Taryn Edwards
Librarian and Manager of Writers’ Programs at the Mechanics’ Institute

David has conducted several events at our private Library:  Five 25-minute face-to-face writing consultations in front of an audience; a talk with Q&A about working with an editor; and lectures on “Planning Your Novel,” “Outline for Efficient Writing,” and “Using Beta Readers.” The events were great successes because of David’s caring demeanor, razor sharp editorial mind, and quick wit. He will be invited back!


Allie Chee
Journalist, Mother New Mother and Go, Jane: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Street Smarts for Dealing with Dicks   http://alliechee.com/#alliechee

When I read your edits I wanted to call you and shout, Yes! Mush! Mush!


Graeme Daniels, MFCC
Psychologist, Novelist Crystal from the Hill

Working with you was very helpful. You were like a good therapist: kind, thoughtful, attentive yet direct.


Andrew O. Dugas
Novelist Sleep Walking in Paradise  www.coyotebreath.com

Having completed several revisions of my first novel, I knew it wasn’t finished but I lacked direction. Working with David proved to be both pleasurable and fruitful. His suggestions were also indispensable in helping me streamline several large sections. Thanks to my experience with David, I quickly found the energy and direction I needed to write a new beginning and bring the whole novel up to a new level.


Lucian James
Personal and business coach Self-help http://lucianjames.com/about/

You really are a master of the short but provocative sentence!


Martin Smith, PhD

I am thoroughly impressed and in awe of your “hard-nosed” editing.  your work is sheer brilliance!


Taylor Williams, PhD
Psychologist, novelist

After recording and listening to the Because chapter a few times, I added in a couple more of the changes you suggested that I had omitted before.  Imagine, David, you really do have an ear for what works! I’m glad you have plenty of work.  Every writer you assist and every manuscript you touch make for one more beautiful thing in this world.


Amber Lea Starfire
Writer Week by Week: A Year’s Worth of Journaling Prompts http://www.writingthroughlife.com/

I love the way you present concepts and ideas — practical and accessible.


Theresa Rogers

I want to thank you for your humor, insight, and help…. Thank you so much for being wonderful in a stressful situation!


Cathy Tolk
Author I’ll See You in my Dreams (Memoir of 9/11) and The Wisdom Left Behind

I wish my husband could know what I mean, like you do, instead of just hearing what I’m saying. You and I make a good team.


Michele Brown
Marketing Adventures in Gideon a memoir

I love what has become of my stories. There’s a tenderness of heart with you, also a laser beam clarity. 


Michael Turk, L.Ac.
Teacher’s Quest a memoir vignette

Your rewrite caught the spirit of the original and has turned it into an exciting adventure


Anoop Ahuja Judge, Attorney
The Rummy Club a novel of Indian immigrant women

From Acknowledgements: David Colin Carr, dream editor: for managing to wrest every ounce of Indian-ness from me, for making the narrative richer and deeper, and for wringing the best performance out of me.


Catherine Cutler, writer, to Anoop Ahuja Judge, author of The Rummy Club

I could not put the novel down! (Truly, this is so, despite my having read the previous draft and knowing what events would unfold.) I am just incredibly impressed with this edited version, with the fleshed out characters and the fleshed out descriptions and the sense of being shown a peek behind the curtain into the lives of these four Indian-Americans. I enjoyed so much, too, all the “Indian-ness,” as you put it at the end, that your editor wrested from you. The book is stuffed full of it and, I feel, makes it such a rich and enjoyable read. I am completely bereft that there are no more pages to turn. I long to know how these four friends do in the next ten years of their lives.


Sandra Lee Dennis, PhD
Love and the Mystery of Betrayal Memoir/Self-help

Your input was pivotal in helping me cut and shape the final version.


Sean Do
Memoir of escaping the killing fields of Cambodia

Talking with you is like having an olive. The more you eat the better they taste.


James Vukelic
Attorney at Law Testifying Under Oath: How to be an Effective Witness Self-help

In letter to his publisher, Volcano Press: David is a patient and highly competent man. I value his expertise and his demeanor. His efforts have improved my manuscript.


Hassan El-Tayyab
Musician Composing Temple Sunrise: a Journey through Burning Man Memoir

You’ve made me a better writer and I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing help with the manuscript!


Robin Mitchell, PhD
Historian Dark Shadows, University of Georgia Press

After a marathon online outlining session: words cannot express how much i love you right now. and i can’t because i’m exhausted. but trust me, i’ll spend the rest of my life trying to tell you.


Rae Iverson
Novelist Silent Watch

I like the economy and directness your suggestions create. I find your sensibilities about sensitive subjects refreshingly honest. I’ve taught my dog to bow at my feet for a treat…replace dog with me, treat with you. You deserve all the accolades you can garner.


Glenn Hartelius, PhD
Academic, Psychologist http://www.attentiondynamics.com/

The feedback on the writing and website was very helpful, but what your words did for my heart was much bigger. Clearly, you are a “writing therapist,” and not just an editor.


Jude Rose
Novelist Bones in the River

My husband keeps calling you my private workshop. He thought your services were a great deal. Thank you for helping me bring it up a few levels. Now on to climbing the next one.


David Levenson, MD
Maintaining Your Weight Loss: a mindfulness-based guide to the adventure of a lifetime Self-help http://www.drdavidlevenson.com/

I love the work we are doing together. There is no feel of separation, as in this is MY work and you are MY editor. The work was done in the past. The transmission of it in written form is a co-creation that continues to evolve.


James Nourse, PhD, L.Ac
Psychologist, Acupuncturist Opening the Aloha Mind: Healing Self, Healing the World with Ho‘oponopono Non-fiction/Self-help http://jamesnourse.com/

You not only rendered a clean manuscript but also really understood this subject and its importance for our time. Your nurturance of this project’s unfolding has far exceeded the formal task of editing.


Vince Ryan, PhD

I want to acknowledge how much more enjoyable, and productive, this process is when working in collaboration with you!