David Colin Carr, Editor and Writing Coach


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CO-AUTHOR with actress Kelly Carlson: fiction
of past life regression in the context of Prop 8:
Forever and Always

 What Clients Say:

     Stanislav Grof, MD
Clear, concise, efficient, timely, and a real pleasure to work with. David quickly finds what is germane and brings it forward to crisp simplicity.

     Jack Kornfield, PhD
David’s work is terrific. He is well organized, thoughtful, creative and skillful.  It’s a pleasure to recommend him.

     Laura Davis, Author, Writing Teacher
David is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He is incredible with people, great at handling details and is masterfully efficient. David has great insight and wisdom about life, human growth and human beings, yet is one of the humblest people I   have ever met. He is a fine writer as well.

     Ruth Gottstein, Publisher 
David has assisted Volcano Press with acquisition consultations and manuscript editing for more than 25 delightful years. He is clever, insightful and inventive – and respects a schedule. His warm openness enables him to collaborate gracefully with authors. His refined ear for language and sensitive eye for visual design create books that communicate clearly, simply and distinctively.

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Focusing on:
• logical development of concepts
• strong structure that carries the reader
• language that is engaging, rich, and efficient
• characters that are rounded and quirky
• situations that expand the reader’s world view.


Helping Writers Perfect Their Craft


Specializing in Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Memoir. I have a passion for projects that connect our human hearts, delight our natural curiosity, and reveal the beauty and cultural diversity of our world. I love immigrant stories, magical realism, cultural contrasts, historical moments, spirituality, transpersonal psychology, self-help, academic themes for a general audience. I do not take on popular genres like scifi, romance, thriller, vampires, dystopias – unless the writing is literary.




What you need to know to write a book:

• What your passion is: including how you want to impact your reader
• Who your (paying) audience is: what level of writing will appeal to them
• How you will reach them: a marketing plan (can wait for now, maybe)
• How much you need to teach them and what they already know
• How to map the content: a detailed outline will speed the writing
• How to work with blocks: silencing or outrunning your inner critic
• Where to verify information: the internet (though untrustworthy)
• How to write well: there are many books and classes on writing and self-editing



Recent projects:
Novel: Indian immigrant women in California
Novel: educating girls in Taliban Afghanistan
Novel: sexual abuse of boys in segregated South
Novel: community reaction to murder of white woman in Black South, 1933
Novel: Jewish immigrant, post-World War II
Novel: coming of age in Gold Rush San Francisco
Novel: from suburban jock to spiritual teacher
Fiction: autobiography of Marquis de Lafayette
Academic: impact of black women on politics of race and gender in nineteenth-century France
Dissertation: conflating sexuality and killing in Vietnam-era basic training
Reportage: urban beekeeping and Colony Collapse Disorder
Non-fiction: politics of Obamacare
Non-fiction: men explore men’s bad behavior
Meditative non-fiction: Gold Country through memory and memoir
Non-fiction: history of Black Churches of San Francisco Bay Area from Gold Rush to 1950
Non-fiction: new research on the bi-lateral brain: new views of emotions, politics, psychology
How-to: psychological issues of weight loss
Self-help: gender-free Tarot guide
Biography: A.S.Hallidie, engineer of the Gold Rush
Memoir: escaping the killing fields of Cambodia
Memoir: male Black nurse in the South
Memoir: evolution of drug dealer to psychologist
Memoir: psychic’s brain tumor recovery
Memoir: from ministry to freedom
Memoir: nuclear whistleblower in Japan