David Colin Carr


                       What Clients Say:

     Stanislav Grof, MD
Clear, concise, efficient, timely, and a real pleasure to work with. David quickly finds what is germane and brings it forward to crisp simplicity.

     Jack Kornfield, PhD
David’s work is terrific. He is well organized, thoughtful, creative and skillful.  It’s a pleasure to recommend him.

     Laura Davis, Author, Writing Teacher
David is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He is incredible with people, great at handling details and is masterfully efficient. David has great insight and wisdom about life, human growth and human beings, yet is one of the humblest people I have ever met. He is a fine writer and a pleasure to interact with.

     Ruth Gottstein, Publisher 
David has assisted Volcano Press with acquisition consultations and manuscript editing for more than 25 delightful years. He is clever, insightful and inventive – and respects a schedule. His warm openness enables him to collaborate gracefully with authors. His refined ear for language and sensitive eye for visual design create books that communicate clearly, simply and distinctively.


 Consulting with writers in many genres

My training and experience incline me toward:
The common boundary of science and spirituality
Humanistic and transpersonal perspectives
Mythic and magical realms
The mysteries of daily life and the natural world
Memoir, emphasizing heart/soul themes
Contemporary perspectives

In the past year I’ve worked on:
Celebrity manuscripts as ghostwriter
Dissertation: race and gender in 19th Century France
Murder mystery
Psychospiritual impact of Internet technology
How to sell used cars online
Children’s parable of soul transformation
Memoir of imprisoned pedophile
Memoir of drug addict
Vietnam war biography
Memoir of homosexual, black, southern minister
Coming of age black in ’60s San Francisco
Spoof of human potential workshop junkie
Fantasy: death & rebirth of an elf
Care of new Moms
Death and its teachings about life
Novel of Black South, 1933
Spiritual memoir, Presbyterian minister